From Sur Rodney (Sur)’s Everybody’s Something Else

We both can easily recall how we were seen as exceptions to everybody’s something else. Our black queer creatively-inspired and intellectually dexterous minds could produce possibilities for something more than what many might have anticipated possible. Admired for our tolerance, our courage, our rage, and sometimes seeming outrageousness, I’m admiring of Tony Whitfield’s love for … Continued

Zeitgeist Opens at The Maier

ZEITGEIST: THE ART SCENE OF TEENAGE BASQUIAT TRAVELS TO MAIER MUSEUM IN VIRGINIA We’re pleased to announce the opening of Zeitgeist at the Maier Museum in Lynchburg, Virginia. It all began with Sarah Driver’s documentary, BOOM FOR REAL The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Zeitgeist, the exhibition curated by Howl! Happening, Sara Carlo McCormick, and … Continued

Peacocks per Tutti by Robert Kushner

  “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.”  Oscar Wilde. “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”  Mae West   Chris Tanner’s latest excesses are definitely too much and are definitely wonderful. In this amazing exhibition covering the entire span of Tanner’s work,  two recent diptych paintings  of mirrored peacocks steal … Continued

Stooge Director Madeleine Farley on Extreme Fandom

I’m interested in outsiders—people who seem to have the type of freedom dreaded by so-called normal people. I heard about Robert, a man in his 50s tearing around Europe in a 1980s hot hatch following his rock ‘n’ roll hero Iggy  Pop. I’d just returned from filming gorillas in Africa, and here was this madman trying to … Continued

A Call To Love: Chris Tanner by Karen Finley

  Glitter, glamour, melody and voice. Loyalty, adornment, lilac icing on cake His last dollar, will gladly give to you A tinsel tiger carries your weight Made for you from heaven’s gate It is art, my dear We are here Have a cup of tizzy tea   And wear your best frock We are together … Continued

Philly: My Once and Future Queen by Todd Verow

Todd Verow remembers Philly, his dear friend and inspiration for his movie Once and Future Queen in the catalogue for her memorial exhibition at Howl!. Don’t miss the screening of the film of the same name coming up this Saturday at 7 PM. It’s FREE, of course. Philly: My Once and Future Queen Todd Verow … Continued

Unusual Pairings of Legendary Downtown Creators at Howl!

DUO #1: The Cutouts: Keith Patchel and The Venus Orbit with Poet Bob Holman Thursday, April 12, 2018 / 7 PM Free The performance at Howl! Happening will debut Patchel’s The Cutouts (Matisse), a new music song cycle using the poetry of Bob Holman—who will be performing—and based on Henri Matisse’s cut paper works. Featured performers … Continued

The Dawn of Darkness by Ilka Scobie

Luigi Cazzaniga, MOLLIES      On Dec. 15, Trump’s White House has banned seven words from future CDC documents. Join Ilka Scobie, Penny Arcade, and Anthony Haden-Guest as we celebrate the antidote to darkness—LOVE—this Friday, April 6, 1327 on the date of the meeting of Italian poet Petrarch and his beloved muse Laura. Video projections by Luigi Cazzaniga.    The Dawn of … Continued

Philly Abe “This Side of Heaven” Opening Tonight

Howl! Happening celebrates the life and work of a beloved member of our tribe, as we mourn her passing with a memorial exhibition. We’re happy to share this appreciation by Jane Friedman, Executive Director and Founder of Howl!.  Philly Abe became my friend only a few short years ago and in the second of those … Continued