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Howl! Happening Closed Until Further Notice

March 19, 2020

The safety of our guests and our community is our top priority. While the number of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) cases in NYC remains small, we are carefully monitoring this issue and taking measures for all of us to stay healthy.


Howl High Online Fall 2020 Reflections and Highlights

February 9, 2021

By Katherine Cheairs, Howl! Happening Director of Education On February 29, 2020, a cohort of 11 teens and their parents, guardians, and supporters, along with artists were seated in a circle at 6 East 1st Street for the first orientation of Howl High, a free teen-arts program meant to expose participants to the vibrant history…


Home Space as Maker Space for Grounding and Healing in Uncertain Times

December 11, 2020

These responses reflect how members of the Howl community have participated in online spaces to keep the spirit of our art education programs alive. “In March, I was hospitalized with Covid-19. The Isolation Station was just starting. Organized by Cynthia Powell, me, and some other folks, Darke Attoms, etc. The main idea [was] to create an image…



May 15, 2020

There Is Someplace to Go When You Can’t Go Anywhere “We’re in a situation. Got somethin’ to say?” With this simple phrase, Howl Arts opened the door to community-created programming streaming 24/7 on the homepage. Since the instigation of social isolation, artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, dancers, and even the Disappointed Carrot have created original content…



April 10, 2020

Creative Art Activities in a Time of Social Isolation Feeling overwhelmed by the current COVID-19 crisis? Bored at home and already completed your Netflix cue in two weeks? Need a break from the never-ending news cycle? Want a focus that’s fun and creative? #HowlAtHome is for you! We’re putting together arts activities, inspired by the Vega…


ALLEN + ALLAN + ARTURO = Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project

March 27, 2020

In its first five years of existence, Howl! Happening has become an intergenerational cultural hub—a club house of experimentation, camaraderie, collaboration, and crazy wisdom.


‘Enigmas of Enchantment: The Paintings of Helen Oliver’ By Tom Breidenbach

March 24, 2020

There is a theatrical quality to Helen Oliver’s paintings, their scale and earthy palette recalling, in one glance, those eerily charmed circus or movie marquee posters of yesteryear. This feels especially true of her portraits, which loom large enough to engulf the viewer in the formal contortions of their sometimes nude subjects. Yet these works…


‘Humanist Alchemy: The Paintings of Helen Oliver Adelson’ By David Ebony

March 16, 2020

Most often the alchemy that produces a poem or a work of fiction is hidden within the work itself, if not embedded in the coiling ridges of the mind. —Patti Smith, Devotion[1] Helen Oliver Adelson’s portrait paintings of her friends, family, and acquaintances seem to result from a kind of alchemical process. The sitter poses,…


2019 Howl Arts Inc. Annual Report

March 6, 2020

Howl Arts Inc. is excited to share our 2019 Annual Report. Throughout 2019, Howl expanded to offer more for the community—reaching a larger and more diverse audience, developing and launching new programs unlike any others offered in downtown New York, and continuing to champion and reveal currents in the culture and counterculture that flourish on…


‘Unfolding Lee Quiñones and Ori Carino’ Essay by Cary Abrams

March 4, 2020

Exhibition curated by Carlo McCormick       Spring/Break Art Show 2020 From Unfolding by Lee Quiñones and Ori Carino   Howl Arts recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Named to honor Allen Ginsberg’s epic poem, his clarion call against what he believed to be a narrow, stultifying 50s American culture, Howl Arts has become a…

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