Climate Chaos by Bob Holman

April 3, 2022

A poem from Noisy Autumn: Sculpture and Works on Paper— a monograph on the work of Christy Rupp, with essays by Lucy Lippard, Nina Felshin, Amy Lipton, and Carlo McCormick, and poetry by Bob Holman, published in 2021 by Insight Editions. Christy Rupp’s installation Othered opens at Howl! Happening on Saturday, April 21, 2022.

Climate Chaos

Christy Rupp, Plankton Debris, mixed media, individual, 2019
Christy Rupp, Plankton Debris, 2019, mixed media, individual.

Crashing! Walrus
clambers over cliff
to shore where whales
wash up, stomachs full
of plastic detritus
The artist positions
on the wall a
a visual echo, bird
a bird call
silences all
And frogs all over the wall
made from recycled plastic
credit and gift cards
and a manatee
Climate Chaos
refolds homo sapiens’ (ha!)
brain.  Meanwhile
an insect buzzes
Climate Chaos
becomes death sentence
as bug instinct observes
single molecule bumping
up against
Climate Chaos
seeking evolution but can’t —
drowning in human sludge

Click Here to view Christy Rupp’s Othered at Howl Happening

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