Tessa Hughes-Freeland By Ed Halter

The world as seen in Tessa Hughes-Freeland’s early films is one of startling extremities. In movies such as her do-it-yourself go-go dancer documentary Baby Doll (1982), shot at Tribeca’s fabled Baby Doll Lounge, or Dirty (1992), her unrelenting adaptation of George Bataille’s tale of excremental abjection Le Bleu du Ciel (Blue of Noon) made with … Continued

The Third Position: Sculpture at the Extremes by Carlo McCormick

Click Here to view the catalog for Linus Coraggio’s Ramifications. For all that we spend countless lives and generations just trying to figure things out—as if the folly of understanding the world and universe around us were endemic to the human condition—there is a place where logic ends, and that too constitutes a fundamental place … Continued

Linus Coraggio—The Existential Weld by Brad Melamed

Click Here to view the catalog for Linus Coraggio’s Ramifications. Apocalyptic Now. On the last day of July 2019, a thunderstorm plays soundtrack to the works that line the walls of Linus Coraggioʼs studio. It is an immersive environment, a portal into the apocalyptic subversion that is the “now” of Coraggio’s work. Ranging in scale … Continued

Linus Coraggio: Onto the Streets by Anthony Haden-Guest

Click Here to view the catalog for Linus Coraggio’s Ramifications.  When the street art phenom broke big in the early- 80s, art worldlings got a grip soon enough and Keith  Haring, Kenny Scharf, and Jean-Michel Basquiat became the anointed ones. But in 2017, Richard Hambleton, the creator of that street presence, Shadowman, OD’d. And blew … Continued

Inside Out: The Power of Art in Prisons

A young woman on the cusp of 22 years of age is sentenced to life in prison. A 14-year-old teen hasn’t seen his family in six months because they could not afford to post bail. A 45-year-old woman with three children serves a four-year sentence for opioid possession—developing an addiction to the drug after a … Continued

“With A Little Help”

Mark Berger’s memoir of the 1960s and its climactic event, the Woodstock Music Festival, is so richly evocative in its detail and presence, you’ll swear you were there. — T.C. Boyle Howl! is happy to present this short excerpt, “With A Little Help”, from Mark Berger’s memoir Something’s Happening Here: A Sixties Odyssey from Brooklyn … Continued

A Community of Shared Experience

  The Vega Arts Workshop Series, inspired by the legacy of Arturo Vega, is an adult art education makerspace where people with varied backgrounds and experiences with art can feel comfortable expressing their creativity and learning new skills. Each workshop starts with a seated circle and short introductions. This seemingly small gesture establishes community and … Continued

From “The City Below” by Carlo McCormick

In this previewed excerpt, critic Carlo McCormick discusses the themes and allusions in the new works by Scooter LaForge on show at Howl! Happening until March 13th 2019. The exhibition catalogue for Scooter LaForge: Homo Eruptus will be available soon. Check for updates on our social media and weekly emails for the announcement of the … Continued

Brian Butterick AKA Hattie Hathaway: We Call Your Name

It is with the deepest sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and Howl! Board member, Brian Butterick aka Hattie Hathaway. Under treatment and fighting lung cancer for the past six months, he was surrounded by all the friends who loved and cherished him.  His warmth, intelligence, wit and friendship, have sustained … Continued