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BEAT & BEYOND: A Gathering

BEAT & BEYOND: A Gathering

June 3, 2016 @ 5:00 pm - June 8, 2016 @ 10:00 pm

Friday, June 3–Wednesday, June 8

Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project and Bowery Arts + Science present a Six-Day Celebration Honoring the Poets, Musicians, Bookstores, and Significant Individuals Whose Voices and Energy Transformed America Forever.

Featuring key figures in the beat movement, music, film, panel discussions, happenings, personal reminiscences and…beyond!
David Amram
Steve Cannon
Len Chandler
Ann Charters
The Fugs
John Giorno
Peter Hale
David Henderson
Bob Holman
Joyce Johnson
Hettie Jones
The Last Poets
Michael McClure
Bill Morgan
Margaret Randall
Bob Rosenthal
Ed Sanders
Peter Stampfel
Steven Taylor
John Tytell
Anne Waldman
Hal Willner
Regina Weinreich
and more

The Beats changed everything. Literature, art, music and social justice—they led the way, questioning tradition, giving voice to the “other” in U. S. culture, and bringing to light the hypocrisy, conservatism, and dark side of post-World War II America. They instigated changes that mark the beginning of the counterculture and are at the intersection of the freedoms we now see as the essential through-line of contemporary life in this country: freedom of expression, the sexual revolution, identity and multiculturalism, the hippies and drugs, the introduction of Eastern culture and Buddhism, and the political movements of today. All of these can be seen to have been influenced by the Beat zeitgeist.

Howl! Happening and Bowery Arts + Science are pleased to present a week-long, multi-venue celebration of the Beats and their influence on American culture. Beat & Beyond honors the poets, musicians, bookstores, publishers, and other significant individuals whose voice and energy transformed the U.S. forever. Bringing together many of the originators of the movement with artists who follow in their lineage and contemporary cultural commentators, Beat & Beyond includes readings, personal reminiscences, music, and appearances by contemporary commentators who give voice to the tectonic shifts in the arts and politics resulting from this historic period in American history, and showcases the many threads and lineages that continue through the art of today.

Friday, June 3rd:
Howl! Happening – Happy Birthday, Allen!

Saturday, June 4th:
Howl! Happening – A Day of Remembrance
Bowery Electric – An Evening of Concerts

Sunday, June 5th:
Howl! Happening – Panels and Book Launches
Bowery Poetry – Curriculum of the Soul 

Monday, June 6th:
Howl! Happening – Film and Performance Festival
Bowery Poetry – Slam-Bang

Tuesday, June 7th:
Howl! Happening – How to Make a Happening
Bowery Poetry – Musical/Poetry Hybrid

Wednesday, June 8th:
Poetry Project – A Gathering at St. Mark’s Church

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By Katherine Cheairs, Howl! Happening Director of Education On February 29, 2020, a cohort of 11 teens and their parents, guardians, and supporters, along with artists were seated in a circle at 6 East 1st Street for the first orientation of Howl High, a free teen-arts program meant to expose participants to the vibrant history…


These responses reflect how members of the Howl community have participated in online spaces to keep the spirit of our art education programs alive. “In March, I was hospitalized with Covid-19. The Isolation Station was just starting. Organized by Cynthia Powell, me, and some other folks, Darke Attoms, etc. The main idea [was] to create an image…


"Amon Focus: Visual Voices" opens tonight!
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 23 | 6 - 8 PM
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Sunday, September 19th / 11AM–6 PM

Icons, Iconoclasts, and Outsiders:
September 19 - October 31,

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September 8 - September 13
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