May 15, 2020

There Is Someplace to Go When You Can’t Go Anywhere

“We’re in a situation. Got somethin’ to say?” With this simple phrase, Howl Arts opened the door to community-created programming streaming 24/7 on the homepage.

Since the instigation of social isolation, artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, dancers, and even the Disappointed Carrot have created original content for #somethintosay. Short and sweet, poignant and funny, provocative and dazzling, these short films are a channel to the creativity and resilience of our community.

The programming includes a moody story told by Helixx C. Armageddon; a dance performance by Leyya Mona Tawil with violinist Antonina Pozdnyakova; a tour of the murals created by Scooter LaForge in his apartment, dubbed Corona Cave Paintings; writer Robert Rosen reading from his latest book and memoir Bobby in Naziland: A Tale of Flatbush; the wacky Pandemic Cooking with Wendy with special guest Tym Moss; experimental film by writer Armand Ruhlman; poetry by Jeffrey Wright; studio tours with MarcusGlitteris, Ford Crull and Michelangelo Alasa; a musical performance by Robert Petraglia; Exit, a poetic experimental film by Robert Butcher; a dazzling light show by Luigi Cazzaniga and reading by poet Ilka Scobie; a studio tour with Antagonist movement founder Ethan Minsker; a performance by contemporary artist Stas Ginzburg dealing directly with social isolation; John Pizza’s hilarious Full Moon Shows; and a performance by Michael Fontana aka Eileen Dover. Watch #somethintosay.


John PIzza, DISTANCE, Full Moon Show

We may be closed but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something going on. Somethin’ to Say expands upon Howl TV’s programming—selections from the archive of more than 500 events filmed live at the gallery over the last five years.

Day or night, you never know what you might see happening on Howl TV. The roster of programs touches upon the art and social history of the multidimensional culture in the East Village and Lower East Side over a broad sweep of time. See the complete Howl TV Guide Below.

Exhibitions, performances, readings by poets and writers, dance, special tributes and celebrations, artists’ profiles, happenings, films, the monthly Full Moon Show, and the Vega Arts Workshop series are all fresh and entertaining, featuring luminaries sharing their art and ideas, including:

Philly Abe
Paul Alexander
Laurie Anderson
Penny Arcade
Anselm Berrigan
Victor Bockris
Ori Carino/Lee Quiñones
Tim Clifford
Brett De Palma
Katrina del Mar
Jane Dickson
Eileen Dover
Patricia Field
Raymond Foye
Anthony Haden-Guest
Richard Hell
Bob Holman
Joseph Keckler
John Kelly
Easy Keys
Scooter LaForge
Lydia Lunch
Gerard Malanga
Carlo McCormick
Legs McNeil
Eileen Myles
Kembra Pfahler
Hapi Phace
Ilka Scobie
Bill Stelling
Gail Thacker
Anne Waldman
Guy Woodard
Antony Zito


Al Diaz Exhibition: Zeitgeist: The Art Scene of Teenage Basquiat, May, 2018 | The Waltz #2 by Marcus Glitteris | Tim Clifford Exhibition: Threat Assessment, December 2015 | Pride 2017

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