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Jane Dickson in Times Square

Jane Dickson in Times Square

February 13, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Book Signing and Discussion

Jane Dickson’s world is one that comes to life when the rest of us are fast asleep—a nighttime mix of tawdry carnival booths and tattoo parlors, darkened highways and casino gamblers.—Katie White, Artnet, September 2019

Coinciding with Dickson’s exhibition Hot, Hot, Hot: Paintings of Times Square Peep Shows, Howl is pleased to host a book signing, slide show, and discussion with editor Johan Kugelberg for her critically acclaimed book, Jane Dickson in Times Square, published by Anthology Editions.

Dickson is a deep-rooted and central voice in New York City’s complex creative history. In the late 1970s and early 80s, she was part of the movement joining the legacies of downtown art, punk rock, and hip hop through her involvement with the Colab art collective, the Fashion Moda gallery, and legendary exhibitions including the Real Estate Show and Times Square Show. In the midst of this groundbreaking work, Dickson lived, worked, and raised two children in an apartment on 43rd Street and 8th Avenue, at a time when the neighborhood was at its most infamous, crime-ridden, and spectacularly seedy. Through it all, Jane photographed, drew, and painted extraordinary scenes of life in Times Square.

These works, many of which are reproduced in the book for the first time, include candid documentary snapshots, roughly vibrant charcoal sketches, and paintings created on surfaces ranging from sandpaper to Brillo pads. Featuring a foreword by Chris Kraus, Jane Dickson in Times Square is a time machine back to a New York City that was truly wild: lawless, manic, sometimes squalid, sometimes magnificent.

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