Haunting Portraits by Helen Oliver at Untitled

Untitled: Art Miami Beach OVR 2020 Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project is pleased to present the large-scale, theatrical paintings of Helen Oliver that depict friends, family, and acquaintances—speaking to the inner life of her subjects in expressionistic paintings that are eccentric, emotional, and at times, grotesque.  Most often the alchemy that produces a poem … Continued

Arturo Vega Insults

A series of paintings created by the late Arturo Vega imprinted with irrelevant and honest text fragments in a cocktail of insults and mystic thoughts. Painted in primary colors as a way to ponder the crudeness of the society he was a part of, they poke fun at the uncertainty and ambivalence of the artist in the face of the cultural climate of his adopted city.