Scooter LaForge Paints Flowers for Dior

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Howl! Happening’s sensation Scooter LaForge kicked off Dior‘s U.S. launch of their latest scent “Poison Girl” at Up and Down last Tuesday night (Jan. 31) with spectacular florescent flowers. Covering the main room wall with large and lush flowers flowing through to the floor-to-ceiling mirrors in the loo, Scooter gave the minimalist bathroom a wake-up call.

All paintings were lit by black light at the party. The melting flowers set the tone for the “Poison Girl” party, oozing and drooling more nectar than flesh.

LaForge painted live throughout the party, and his brush went from the wall to Dianna Agron‘s face; a perfect poison girl takes her flowers to go!

Scooter will be at the gallery in October, when he will be exhibiting at Howl! Happening. Follow Scooter on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Videos from the Dior’s “Poison Girl” U.S. Launch:

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Photos from the Dior’s “Poison Girl” U.S. Launch:

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