Howl Arts, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the past and celebrating the contemporary culture of the East Village and Lower East Side. Howl Arts, Inc. creates opportunities for artists to produce and show their work, and engages in activities aimed at improving the quality of life for artists and members of the creative community.

Board of Directors

Bob Perl, President
Bob Holman, Vice President
BG Hacker, Treasurer
Brian (Hattie Hathaway) Butterick
Riki Colon
Jane Friedman
Nathaniel Siegel
Chi Chi Valenti
Marguerite Van Cook, President Emeritus


Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project

Gallery and Performance Space

Like the neighborhood in which it was born and the Howl! Festival that began it all, Howl! Happening is a space of untamed creativity. Howl! Happening curates exhibitions and stages live events that showcase the historical legacy and contemporary culture of the East Village and Lower East Side. It is also dedicated to preserving the archives of artists who spent their creative lives working in this vibrant community and houses the Estates of artist Arturo Vega and renowned performance artist, Tom Murrin aka The Alien Comic. The history of the East Village is still being written and Howl Happening aims to shine a light on the mix of rock and roll, social justice, art and performance, community activism, gay rights and culture, immigrants, fashion, and nightlife in the heart of the community where groundbreaking creativity and influential ideas still thrive.

Howl Arts Collection and Archive

The Howl Arts Collection and Archive comprises over 3,000 objects, including fine-art, rare digital and analog media, performance art ephemera, and personal archives from the 1960s onward. Focused on downtown New York City’s often overlooked underground and experimental cultures, it documents the origins and growth of local cultural and social movements that had far-reaching impact but have garnered limited attention. The Collection offers a myriad of opportunities for new interpretations of the Punk, New-Wave, and No-Wave movements; performance art; drag; street art; public-access television; nightlife; LGBTQ activism; the AIDS epidemic; and urban gentrification. The Collection includes the estates of artist and Ramones artistic director Arturo Vega; the godfather of performance art, Tom Murrin; and public-access television pioneer Efrom Allen; as well as items from the collections and archives of Candy Darling, Brian “Hattie Hathaway” Butterick, Merrill Aldighieri, and others. Howl has an active acquisition program to expand the collection in accordance with its mission.

Arturo Vega Foundation

Lalo Quiñones
Jane Friedman
Donovan Welsh
BG Hacker

Board of Advisors:
Curt Hoppe
Marc H. Miller
Dan Cameron
Carlo McCormick

James Rubio
Anthony Cardillo
Debora Tripodi
Lisa Brownlee

Howl! Happening 

Founder & Executive Director: Jane Friedman
Director of Collections and Registration: Daniel A. Silva
Collections Manager: Salvatore Schiciano
Marketing and PR: Susan Martin
Development Director: Nicole Bliss
Education Director: Katherine Cheairs
Program Coordinator: Daniel Wallace
Digital Content Manager: Jake Couri
Creative Consultant: Some Serious Business
Gallery Design: Ted Kofman/SpaceODT

Howl! Emergency Life Project

In Partnership with The Actors Fund

A safety net for artists, HOWL! HELP provides emergency financial assistance and social service support to artists who have participated in the annual HOWL! Festival or who made or make their careers in New York City’s East Village and Lower East Side arts communities. Services include counseling and referrals for personal, family, or work-related problems and linkage to community resources for such needs as medical care, legal services, public benefits or elder care. Workshops are offered on a variety of topics and include: affordable housing, financial education, and health insurance options. Financial assistance is available for rent, utilities, mental health, and medical care as well as other basic living expenses. Grants are approved on a case-by-case basis based on need.


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