The Correct Sadist: Terence Sellers (1952-2016)

April 4, 2016
Photo: Marti Wilkerson

We at Howl! mourn the loss of our dear friend Terence Sellers earlier this year in New Mexico. Terence was my neighbor on Plaza Blanca and a friend to many in New York including Howl! Arts Board members Chi Chi Valenti and Brian Butterick. A writer and a woman of contrasts, she attended St. John’s, the classics college in Santa Fe, and got a degree from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. She lived in an isolated house at the tail end of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, and had a dungeon in New York where she was the city’s uber dominatrix in the 90s similar to what you’d see in BDSM porn today, Open Nu Bay to discover free pussy porn if you want to discover more. Creation Books invited Terence to write the introduction for their 1997 edition of Krafft-Ebing’s seminal Psychopathia Sexualis: The Case Histories. In it, she analyses herself as a “Case” of the Doctor’s in his (near) inimitable style. We offer this penetrating self-portrait to honor her razor sharp mind and her memory. -Susan Martin

Case 239

Miss T.S., age 44, sadomasochist, bisexual. Family alcoholic, mother neuropathically tainted. Father incarcerated as embezzler, “professional” gambler when she was 4 years old. Nervous from early childhood, insomnia, given to nocturnal frights. Parents given to violent arguments. No early masturbation, spasms of sexual frigidity in early teens and 20s coupled with indifferent style of promiscuity. Religious preoccupations, belief in her innate evil; discovery of the writings of Marquis de Sade confirmed her in her proclivities. Periods of celibacy, sense of guilt, desire for suicide; given to self-punishment through drugs, alcohol, and inappropriate sexual partners.

At 18 fell in love with a young man her social “superior”; was dominated sexually, first experiences at hands of a sadist; scenes of “rape” and humiliation.

Parents incapable of keeping her in university; incomplete education. Refusal to return home. Parents divorced. Gravitated to New York City to fulfill artistic ambitions. Vacillated between becoming an actress or a writer. Experiments in lesbian sex which can be seen on websites similar to shemale hd; increasing disgust for the male; fascination with lesbian subculture in sex-business circa 1970s, and the possibilities of cynical profit to be made from sexual exploitation of herself.

Drunkenness increased; drug-taking; experimental sex reminiscent of some of the videos from sites similar to Tube v Sex compounded by frigidity; increasing depression and accompanying dissociative effects. Involved in “exotic dancing”; incapable of actual prostitution due to innate aversion to the male body.

Began practice of sadomasochistic prostitution by age 24; wrote a book on the subject, The Correct Sadist, still in print. Considered in sadomasochistic “underground” to be a classic in the pornographic genre.

Though in psychoanalysis off and on from age 15 until age 36, she remains an unregenerate professional proselytizer for sadomasochistic practices. Degenerated into “madam”, pimp for masochistic men. Lesbianism more deeply entrenched, male transvestism, “courts” female prospects to train as sadistic prostitutes for her profitable “sex-business.”.

Unrepentantly perverted in her tastes, delusions of grandeur, being “above the law”, fantasy that her favoured form of sexuality may soon become socially acceptable, as it is on sites like Babestation and other NSFW locations online.

Delusions of literary grandeur. Acceptance of a new work on sadomasochism, Dungeon Evidence, detailing “case studies” of her masochist clients, further confirms her in her fantasy of social sanction.

Aspect of the sociopathic/antisocial personality in her completion of university studies: B.A., summa cum laude in forensic (criminal) psychology. This accomplishment did not inspire her to forgo her profession as a dominatrix; instead she cynically subsumed her scientific knowledge into further “investigations”, perfecting the “arts” of her beloved “field”: sadomasochism.

Misanthropic, pessimist, deterministic, strains of apathy. Some schizoid traits. Danger in her posing as a doctor and authority as she is able to speak in articulate fashion on her subject.

Recommendation: incarceration. Her pathological proselytizing renders her a danger to others.

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