The Dawn of Darkness by Ilka Scobie

Luigi Cazzaniga, MOLLIES     

On Dec. 15, Trump’s White House has banned seven words from future CDC documents. Join Ilka Scobie, Penny Arcade, and Anthony Haden-Guest as we celebrate the antidote to darkness—LOVE—this FridayApril 6, 1327 on the date of the meeting of Italian poet Petrarch and his beloved muse Laura. Video projections by Luigi Cazzaniga. 
The Dawn of Darkness by Ilka Scobie
When words are banned
A fetus sheds amniotic tears.
Diversity, all embracing is
essential to life.
Restrictions are ignorance’s entitlement.
Evidence-based reality
heralds science based facts.
The transgendered will not be erased.
These words now shatter vulnerability.
Willful words that must be spoken.