Scooter LaForge “Creation of the Animals” on view at Empirical Nonsense 9 November 2018 – 26 January 2019

Howl! is pleased to announce the exhibition of three new paintings by Scooter LaForge at Empirical Nonsense, the new gallery promoting the legacy of the late Feature Gallery founder Hudson, a beloved member of the NY art community, who passed away in 2014. Hudson was widely acclaimed as “one of the most prescient, independent-minded and admired gallerists of his generation.” (NY Times)

Creation of the Animals, part of a larger body of LaForge’s work, will be shown at NADA Miami this winter. Combining universal archetypes and childhood memories generating dreamscapes for today’s world, LaForge’s most recent works originate from an epiphany he had upon seeing Tintoretto’s Mannerist painting of the same name while in Venice, Italy.

Resonating with fire and fury, LaForge is known by his contemporaries a conduit—mining the vocabulary of the old masters while incorporating his 21st-century visual narrative. His painterly world dwells in the imagination and sneaks out as a surprising backdrop for the contemplation of creation in contemporary life, updating classic Mannerist tropes like humor, lavish decoration, and exaggerated forms.

Painted with reckless abandon, his work playfully mines the rich catalog of art history, re-inventing the story of Genesis in his own unique style.

La Forge will be featured with Brett De Palma in Through the Looking Glass, Howl!’s exhibition at NADA Miami this December.