Philly Abe “This Side of Heaven” Opening Tonight

Photo: Todd Verow

Howl! Happening celebrates the life and work of a beloved member of our tribe, as we mourn her passing with a memorial exhibition. We’re happy to share this appreciation by Jane Friedman, Executive Director and Founder of Howl!. 

Philly Abe became my friend only a few short years ago and in the second of those few short years, we had Thanksgiving together.

It was the year I forgot to plate the cranberry sauce filled with walnuts, pomegranate, berries, bits of celery and more.

Philly made me serve it late. She wanted to taste the colors.

Philly invited me to her apartment for the first time only weeks before she died.

I saw her world as she lived it. An east village world of color and canvas and puffs and swirls; of form and design and little pathways I could tell were important.  

She was frank about the journey she was about to take but she never let me see her cry. I’m not sure anyone did. 

She was very excited to have been offered this show and we share her joy in hosting this remarkable body of work in our gallery. 

Bravo Philly.  You are forever in our hearts.

Philly Abe

Artist and Performer

July 8, 1949–January 30, 2018