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HURRAH! NYC: Night Two

HURRAH! NYC: Night Two

November 29, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Two Evenings Salute the Seminal Nightclub Hurrah

Hosted by John Phillips

A flashpoint of the “downtown” music scene—though located on 62nd Street—Hurrah was the first large dance club to feature punk, new wave, and industrial music. With his finger on the pulse of the behind the scenes action as the longtime Doorman/Greeter of Hurrah from its genesis in the late 70s to its closing in 1981, John Phillips hosts two evenings that launch an ongoing series paying tribute to the legendary club’s history.

Of particular note, it was the first club to regularly feature music videos, positioning monitors throughout the club (see Merrill Aldighieri’s world premiere videos screening below). Mixing it up as a showcase for bands from England—many at the earliest stages of their careers—the club was notorious for nurturing talent like the B-52s, The Cure, Johnny Thunders, Klaus Nomi, Tuxedomoon, 8-Eyed Spy with Lydia Lunch, Mission to Burma, The Ramones, Bauhaus and many others.


Merrill Aldighieri World Premiere Screening

With Ebet Roberts and special guest Barbara Lackey Clifford Finch

Merrill Aldighieri debuts her two latest films from her Hurrah Archive of 200 hours of live performances at the club. Paying tribute to all the great doormen at the height of the nighclubbing craze, the opening film, Getting In (33 minutes), is a mash-up of true stories from Hurrah doormen and screen tests by iconic 80s actors. Included in the casting call are Steve Buscemi, Barbara Gogin, Illeana Douglas, May Pang, Howie Montaug, and George Wrage, who all auditioned for a fictional film about nightlife through the eyes of doormen.

The second film, Mission in Burmaland (60 minutes) features highlights from 4 concerts of the Boston band Mission of Burma. Interviews of the trio are interwoven in a visually embellished musical tapestry. The brilliant atonal abrasive feedback, clever sound effect loops, cultured lyrics and pop riffs make this band original and timeless.

Opening the show will be a photographic “Happening” with images shot and presented by Ebet Roberts, and a slow-motion mosaic study of flash frames of bands on the Hurrah stage, including New Order, Tuxedomoon, Richard Hell & the Raybeats, The Modettes and Strange Party. Adding to the evening will be a mixed DJ tape of a set by Geoff Brown, digitally remastered by invited guest and co-owner of Hurrah, Barbara Lackey Clifford Finch.

Watch more of Aldighieri’s VJ Diaries

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