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Empire Closing Party The Last Interview

Empire Closing Party The Last Interview

April 20, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More to be announced as we celebrate the closing of Empire with a series of events including:

Screening of Amon Focus’ Arturo Vega, the Last Interview, 2013
In a particularly poignant and personal interview done just a month before his death, Amon Focus captures Arturo on film reminiscing about key moments and influences in his life, including growing up in Mexico City; discovering rock and roll when he was 8 years old; having music as his first artistic inspiration; making trips to San Francisco in 1965 and the Summer of Love (1967); moving to New York in ’71; working his first job at Orange Julius in Times Square; renting his loft on 2nd Street at Bowery for $300; having artistic inspirations including a love of words, supermarket window ads and the Eisenhower silver dollar, and painting the subsequent Insult and Supermarket series; meeting Dee Dee Ramone; and the evolution of his life, work, and friendship as the “Fifth Ramone.”


Image: Amon Focus

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Howl! Social


By Katherine Cheairs, Howl! Happening Director of Education On February 29, 2020, a cohort of 11 teens and their parents, guardians, and supporters, along with artists were seated in a circle at 6 East 1st Street for the first orientation of Howl High, a free teen-arts program meant to expose participants to the vibrant history…


These responses reflect how members of the Howl community have participated in online spaces to keep the spirit of our art education programs alive. “In March, I was hospitalized with Covid-19. The Isolation Station was just starting. Organized by Cynthia Powell, me, and some other folks, Darke Attoms, etc. The main idea [was] to create an image…


Queer Butoh: Final Performance | Merrill Aldighieri: Dream Soup - https://mailchi.mp/howlarts/queer-butoh-final-performance-merrill-aldighieri-dream-soup

Happening Now on http://Howlarts.org!

Queer Butoh 2021
Damiano Fina: Helios (Italy)

@vangelinebutoh #vangelinetheater @_x.u.e_#queerbutoh2021 @tebbyramasike @damianofina

Log on to http://Howlarts.org TOMORRW at 8 PM to watch the second installment of Queer Butoh 2021.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 8 PM
Damiano Fina Helios (Italy)

@vangelinebutoh #vangelinetheater @_x.u.e_#queerbutoh2021 @tebbyramasike @damianofina
Image by Riccardo Panozzo

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