HOWL 2013: Art Around the Park Saturday 6/1 & Sunday 6/2

June 1, 2013

Art Around the Park 2013

A live action, weekend-long event connecting Festivalgoers with more than 140 artists of all ages as they turn an 8 foot high, 900 foot long blank “canvas” encircling the exterior of Tompkins Square Park into an explosion of color and creativity. Go ahead, schmooze!

Among the multitude of wonderful artists participating this year, we can only mention in any ‘depth’ but a few!

Antonio “Chico” Garcia

There is, of course, the world-reknown CHICO, a local guy from the LES who has parlayed his incomparable artistic talent into a tri-coastal and international career. He is a legend! AND an Art Around the Park institution!

Mackenzie Younger

photo by Margay Kaplan
Mackenzie Younger is a young American artist,  born and raised in New York City.  His work is deeply rooted in and inspired by urban environments, forces of nature, and the crossroads of creative minds . 
Along with his personal work, Mackenzie Younger professionally paints murals for Lantern Organization and is an Art Director for Voices of Black (Music Group).
His oeuvre ranges from traditional painting-on-canvas, fine art and murals, to comic book-inspired art, journal pages, multi-media, and beyond.


Anca Barbu

Anca Barbu is a New York based artist originally from Romania . She is an expressionist, abstract surreal painter and is inspired by the beautiful things in life.

David Greene
photo:  Jim Radakovich, Art Around the Park 2012

Native New yorker, David Greene, is a professional artist living and working in his Manhattan studio for the past twenty five years. His portfolio of work consists primarily of larger than life portraits of celebrity icons. David’s dramatically oversized 8 foot square celebrity portraits have always been the highlight of ART AROUND THE PARK.  (AND David’s birthday IS Sunday, June 2nd!)


Darryl LaVare

Darryl LaVare left Memphis in 1986 and went to Rhode Island School of Design and began visiting New York . She moved here in 1990 and quickly immersed herself in the art, film, and music scene on the Lower East Side . 
 “I make art  to explore the meanings of life. I use my subject matter: the Tompkins Square Park riots, punks, homeless people, children, as a starting point…” 


And MORE, so much more!
Artists include: Anca Barbu Frank Barrett, Victor Batorksy, Andres Bella, Billy the artist, Perola Bonfanti, Ian Brennan, Teresa Brown, Irma Cannovo, Simon Cardwell, Nicki Carrico, Alberto Carvalho, David Caudle, Chico, Susan Conrad, Kate Conroy, Chris Cooper, James Cornwell, Steve Cox, CRAM CONCEPTS, Emilio Cuilan, Ethan Cyr, Chauncey Dandridge, Patrick Daugherty, Taiyo De Jong, Onno De Jong, Alicia Degener, Vito Luca DiTomaso, Sophia Domeville, Peter Dougherty, Launa Eddy, Kevin Farley, Walker Fee, Luke Felisbert, Martie Flores, Alexandre Fortier, Amy Gissen, Tasha Goldblum, Mario Gomez, David Greene, Thomas Hames, Brian Harris, Jere ‘JEX’ Harshman, Edward Herman, Jhonatan Hernandez, Bruce Hlavna, Brianna Holley, Sam Ita, Shuri Jackson, Jeffrey Jameson, Case Jernigan, Nicolina Johnson, Ebi Kagbala, Gulnara Karpuchok, Nina Katan, Lola Katan, Ingrid Kelleman, Patrick Keyes, Darryl LaVare, Un Lee, Kevin Leong, Viveca Licata, Kerri Lindstrom, Daniel Litt, Philip Lombardo, Leslie Lowe, Andrea Lynn, Aimee Margolis, Marthalicia Matarrita, Tim McCarthy, Stephen McCombe, Fran McGee, Michael Meade, Martin Medina, Kwue Molly, Danny Mota, Michelle Nappi, Michael Natale, Jake Nelson, Alison Nolan, Daniel Olshansky, Dennis Os, James Peterson, Robert Petrick, Alex Price, David Pullman, Hannah Quirk, Jeff Richman, Frankie Roche, Doug Rochelle, Freddie Rodriguez, Kai Salvatore, Kennyray Scallon, Simon Scott, Simon Scott, Steven Shryock, Nathaniel A. Siegel, Kristen Singer, Stephen Skinner, Edward Snyder, Sok Song, Raymond Sosa, Meghan Spitzer, Bjorn Strigel, Richard Surmacz, Brett Thompson, John Trembo, Jiro Ueno, Nina Valazquez, Rolando Vega, Charles David Viera, Jonathan Weiser, Joff Wilson, Javier Winnik, Allen Yeager, and of course, Mackenzie Younger!…

Special thanks to Michele Halabura and the Bob Perl Army for making this happen!

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