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The Full Moon Show with John Pizza:
John Pimplepopper

The Full Moon Show with John Pizza:
John Pimplepopper

May 17, 2022

Visit Howlarts.org on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 from 12 AM to 11:59 PM. to watch the Full Moon Show!

“I try to remain zen, keep it smooth, go with the flow, but under my skin festers an agent of chaos. I wanna be chill but there’s a fidgety ingrown hair that calls me to act out. I gotta pick it. It’s the polite thing to do.”
Join John Pizza for his newest Full Moon show called John Pimplepopper, a poetic personification of the impacted side of the soul, and our nagging desire to squeeze it out.

John Pizza is a performer, builder, and drawer. He uses trash and thrift-store detritus scrounged in his Brooklyn neighborhood to tell stories and make his shows. He loves the macabre and the mushy sweet. His sculptures are performative, and his performances involve sculptures—an object theatre of weird surprises.

About Tom Murrin and the Full Moon Show

Performance is anything done with purpose and style. —Tom Murrin

Howl! Happening is home to the archive of Tom Murrin, aka the Alien Comic and the Godfather of Performance Art. Every full moon—without fail, paid booking or not, in all seasons and whatever the weather—he performed his Luna Macaroona Full Moon Show. When he had a club date that fell on the full moon, he’d wrangle his friends to perform as guests—pushing the careers of such groundbreaking performers as David Cale, David Sedaris, Amy Sedaris, Blue Man Group, Ethyl Eichelberger, Lisa Kron, and many others. When he didn’t have a club date, he performed on the street for passersby, transforming the pedestrian atmosphere with his madness and magic.

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