#HowlAtHome: Request for Proposals!

In celebration of the creativity of our Howl community, we are relaunching #HowlAtHome this fall and want to include your ideas for fun at-home creative activities as part of our #HowlAtHome series! 

Howl Arts is now accepting proposals in any genre of art provided that the activity can be completed with easily accessible and inexpensive materials. Submissions will be reviewed and selected on an ongoing basis. Proposals should be submitted through the form HERE. You will be contacted via email by the Howl education director if your proposal is selected.

Once selected, you and your lesson plan will be featured on Howl’s website with a short feature and bio. #HowlAtHome lesson plan activities are also shared across Howl’s social media platforms. Please check out the prior #HowlAtHome artists and activities for reference (See below). Activities are for all ages. 

#HowlAtHome was launched in April 2020 to provide creative arts activities for people homebound due to the pandemic. Working on short, fun activities not only stimulates the imagination, it also serves as an important channel for creative expression of our thoughts and feelings and provide an outlet for the stresses of these difficult times. #HowlAtHome has presented lesson plans by artists from the Howl community which include, Collage Portraits: Antony Zito, Text Based Art: Al Diaz, Self-Portrait Photography: Gail Thacker, Spirit Animal T-Shirt: Scooter LaForge, and Poster Art for Pride: Jorge Clar.

Since its inception, a wide variety of works have been created and submitted by individuals based in New York City, across the US and even internationally. #HowlAtHome focuses on art projects utilizing easily accessible and inexpensive materials, as well as activities that can be completed by individuals with various experience levels and abilities in art. 

 Grounded in a community arts education model, #HowlAtHome focuses on the process of making—connecting to materials and encouraging free expression. While COVID-19 makes producing work in community with others more complicated, shared principles of trying new methods and using our hands to produce projects meant to inspire joy can build connections to ourselves and others even when physically distanced.

We look forward to receiving your #HowlAtHome proposal!


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