Spanish Fly: A New Series of Paintings by Scooter LaForge at Untitled

Untitled: Art Miami Beach OVR 2020 Fairy tales, cartoons, and old-master paintings are elements Scooter LaForge absorbs and transforms with intuitive reverie. Howl! Happening presents a new painting series by the artist—Spanish Fly—where an exploration of Francisco de Goya’s work and life become visual narrative front and center.  Spanish Fly grows out of LaForge’s interest in … Continued

Haunting Portraits by Helen Oliver at Untitled

Untitled: Art Miami Beach OVR 2020 Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project is pleased to present the large-scale, theatrical paintings of Helen Oliver that depict friends, family, and acquaintances—speaking to the inner life of her subjects in expressionistic paintings that are eccentric, emotional, and at times, grotesque.  Most often the alchemy that produces a poem … Continued