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January Event Categorized HA/HA

January Event Categorized HA/HA

January 2 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Siamese John Pizza

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Howl! Social


By Katherine Cheairs, Howl! Happening Director of Education On February 29, 2020, a cohort of 11 teens and their parents, guardians, and supporters, along with artists were seated in a circle at 6 East 1st Street for the first orientation of Howl High, a free teen-arts program meant to expose participants to the vibrant history…


These responses reflect how members of the Howl community have participated in online spaces to keep the spirit of our art education programs alive. “In March, I was hospitalized with Covid-19. The Isolation Station was just starting. Organized by Cynthia Powell, me, and some other folks, Darke Attoms, etc. The main idea [was] to create an image…


Tonight at 7 PM at Howl Happening!

Organized and curated by @TessaHughesFreeland with co-curator @johannastmichaels


#newyorkcityartistcorps #films #screening

If you missed last weekend's event for the launch of Mike DeCapite’s "Jacket Weather" visit http://Howlarts.org/howl-tv/ in the Book Launches category to watch.

@mikeyoutside @softskullpress #jacketweather #mikedecapite #softskull #softskullpress #newbooks #igreads

Log on to http://Howlarts.org this afternoon, starting at 3 PM, to watch a livestream of today's event: Mike DeCapite’s Jacket Weather.

@mikeyoutside @softskullpress #jacketweather #mikedecapite #softskull #softskullpress #newbooks #igreads #amreading #bookstagram

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Howl! Happening
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6 East 1st Street, NYC 10003

Howl! Arts/Howl! Archive (HA/HA)
250 Bowery, 2nd Floor, NYC 10012

Wed-Sun 11AM-6PM

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